SweeperSweeping Services

Our vacuum sweepers are available for daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance programs. We do our best to make your property look great!

Our sweepers can clean just about any kind of sand, dirt, rocks and debris up to enhance the cleanliness of your parking lot, drive way, shopping center or open space of pavement or concrete.

With the different city ordinances though out the state to keep the road ways clear of sand, dirt, rocks and other debris. It comes in handy to have a company on a minutes notice to keep you out of trouble and away from expensive fines.

Each of our sweepers have a water spray system to help keep dust suppressed while sweeping.Sweeper

Regular sweeping is a very important component contributing to overall outside appearance. Sweeping your parking area on a regular basis could bring more revenue to your business. Well maintained parking areas and sidewalks are a key to attracting customers.

SweeperSchwarze 4000, 7000 & new 8000 series

Additionally, we can schedule a nightly, weekly, monthly or quarterly sweeping that best addresses your on-going maintenance needs.

Spring Cleanup & Construction Cleanup/Preparation

If you are doing site work, installing new pavement, line striping or need your winter sand removed from your paved surfaces, let ASR Sweeper Service provide you with the highest quality surface cleaning to help ensure a quality finish to your project.

Construction Site Clean Up:

By calling ASR we can come out usually the same day and clean up the mess with one of our broom sweepers. We can accommodate just about any kind of construction project; asphalt on milling projects for highways and city streets, cleaning the parking lot for paving and striping, a final sweeping before the grand opening of a new store that was just built, or even the destruction of a building being torn down.

Municipal Sweeping

ASR Sweeper Service Has a Proven Track Record of Timeliness, Professionally Trained Crews, and Can Work Within Your Municipal Sweeping Budget!

Call ASR Sweeper Service to devise a quality sweeping program to suit all your municipal street and parking area sweeping needs. Our professionally trained property maintenance staff will ensure your job is completed on time and correctly every time. We can provide daily, weekly, or monthly sweeping programs.

ASR can provide top-level service to ensure your job is completed correctly and on time… every time.

Apartment and Condo Complex Clean Up:

Keeping a large or small complex clean sometimes is very hard after the winters sanding. We can clean that up for you. Our sweeper operators will get out and clean all the corners of your parking lots and curbs to insure that they are nice and clean. Then they will run through with one of our big sweepers and sweep it all up.

When you have dried mud, dirt and debris stuck on your pavement we have a power wash truck that can come in and clean that all up for you too. We also provide power washing to your side walks, so that they look just as nice as the rest of your complex.

All sweepings are removed and shipped off to the landfill, leaving nothing behind for you to worry about. You will be all set and ready to go for the spring.

Shopping Centers, Night Sweeping:Sweeper

Lets face it during the day your shopping center or store parking lot is full with customers shopping, eating, or some other service that you are providing to them. Needless to say if you are open then the parking lot is full of cars, and if the parking lot is full then there is no way to clean under those cars. So that brings up night sweeping. This is an efficient way to get your whole parking lot cleaned of sand, dirt, rocks and litter.

We have regenerative air vacuum trucks sweep up all fine dust, dirt, litter and small rocks and sand. Our sweeper operators will get out and clean all the corners of your parking lots and curbs to insure that every thing gets swept up. Then they sweep the rest of the parking lot.

So, whether it’s for a rushed, on-the-spot request or an on-going need to establish a regularly scheduled sweep, call ASR get the job done right.

If you would like more information about Parking Lot Sweeping services or other Industrial Property Maintenance services we offer, please contact our maintenance specialist, that will provide you with a detailed list of Maintenance services we offer.


By having the regions most extensive, efficient and modern sweepers combined with expertly trained employees, ASR offers an EPA-comprehensive maintenance program to keep you swept clean. Our Schwarze Industries, Inc. 4000, 7000 & new 8000 Series sweepers are EPA compliant and feature Schwarze Industries WhisperWheel fan technology that reduces sound output by more than 50%.